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It is hard for me to say "COVID-19 crisis", this situation affected the way we live. Impact how we drive business as well.

Tighter competition forced many eCommerce businesses to take the initiative in adopting online approaches. Especially for local businesses that have almost no online presence.

Recently I noticed that Webflow created a Webflow Better Together program. This program provides support for both local businesses and Webflow experts. If you check the page(affiliate link), you'll find that there are two different directories: Browse Business and Browse Experts.

The Browse Business page shows a list of businesses that need help from Webflow experts. The business owner can provide information about the business and what specific needs they need help from. While the Browse Experts page shows a list of Webflow experts and lists the kind of skills they are willing to provide.

The interesting part to me about this program is the FREE offers.

For the business owner, you can get free eCommerce plan for a 3-month subscription. And to speed up the build process, some of the best Webflow templates are free to use to start a new website. These Webflow templates are the perfect fit for retail businesses, restaurants or cafes, and local services.

Both the business owner and Webflow expert can put their preferred type of rates. Hourly rates, discounted rates, or even FREE of Charge.

There are five areas of expertise that you can put into the information:

  • Brand Strategy and Identity
  • Content creation
  • Marketing consulting
  • Technical Support
  • Web design and development

As you can see, some of this expertise does not have to be in Webflow technology. Like, if your freelance services for content creation or marketing consultation, you can still land a help for their business.

On the other way, there are also courses for the business owner about how to moving the business online. But currently, the list of the videos looks like it is still on progress.


Let me know your thought or you find a mistake/outdated content for this post.

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