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Current business competition is increasingly strict, a time when information spread very quickly.

The young and the old are both more and more comfortable using smartphones and social media. They are increasingly more comfortable finding something in cyberspace.

Imagine if they are a prospective customer!

Business owners should already think of strategies to be able to adapt to these circumstances quickly. Either small or large business, even if the company has a local scale target market.

Maybe at this time, you still hesitate to create a website for the business you are running. Here are some reasons you can consider it.

1. Website as a reliable and complete information container

If traditional marketing beforehand used physical objects such as brochures, business cards, catalogues, etc., now all these things can be loaded and interactive on the website.

If your website has a good User Experience design, it will give you a delightful visitor that gives you the potential to sell your products/services as well as a valuation of your brand, think of it as a customer service.

Sometimes for some visitors who don't know in detail about your business, they can quickly get an answer when reading a content narrative on a website page.

If visitors still didn't get an answer, they will always contact directly according to the contact information available on the website.

The website is the only way for consumers to get answers quickly, perhaps when remembering something at the time that is not possible. The first thing they do is to take a smartphone and start a search engine.

Anyhow they hope the instant answer. Like when visiting your website, visitors expecting to get answers at least in 3 seconds, such as: about what your product is?; What types of products are offered?; or pricing options.

2. Help to be more credible and trustworthy

naturally, customers always settle an expectation that your business has an online presence in the form of a dedicated website.

The first impression for a consumer when visiting a website is crucial. It is one of the ways of building customer trust.

"From eyes down to heart."

Website design and then structuring information forms empathy for consumers; all of these things affect consumer decisions.

Having a professional and easy-to-use website helps your business build an excellent reputation for business.

3. Visitors search your business in search engines

To search for what visitors need always start on the search engine, especially more, most of the search is to find products/services on local businesses.

It would be sad if the customer in your area is looking for a product/service that you have, but they don't know you.

This kind of condition is one main reason why having a website optimized for search engines is crucial. To make your business not miss the opportunity to get consumers.

4. Search engine optimization for smartphones/mobile devices

Google sees that most consumers search while they're on the go and search for nearby local businesses when they need something.

In cases like this having a website that optimized for a mobile device will significantly enlarge the Google opportunity to display your business site at the top rank on the search page. The opportunity to become your consumers will also be getting bigger.

5. Consumers can access whenever and wherever

We never know when new consumers or even consumers want to find out about their products/services, they may want to find out outside operational hours of business work.

They will usually want to weather directly go to your business page or put it on the search engine, customers to get the answers about products/services and other information instantly.

Well, your website stays online 24 hours 7 days, even for transactions.

If you are worried about customer service for consumers, now there are many automation services for customer service. This service can quite handle the primary task of customer service.


Let me know your thought or you find a mistake/outdated content for this post.

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