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When you start learning to program, you must feel overwhelmed by the new terms and syntax you have just encountered. Many tutorials are available online that may help you solve the problem.

Say, Stackoverflow, you probably always find the questions like your problem just faced along with the answer. However, you also find the question unanswered. There is also Github, usually, you can find solutions from others in the issues tab of the repositories.

There also are many articles from other developers that write their solutions in post format. You can also create blogs as a developer. Sometimes you need a bucket that can hold the solution you just found since sometimes you may have to reach back for it again.

I used Notion to log my solutions. But, once it scaled and had so many notes and documents, I was always hard-pressed to find them. You might be able to handle organizing all the links and pages, but intuitively this is hard for me.

The notion has many functions to embed external sources. Like Codepen or bookmark links. You can find them when you type "/" and then scroll down. You will find it down there. But I think I must create another pen if I need a different code.

or direct paste the link, Notion will automatically render it on the page.

That is when you use Notion.

Or, probably you prefer Coda. You can name it. A good app and popular because of the accessibility and the app's user experience. But, I think now I am stick with ObervableHQ for documenting my programming learning.

This is an incredible app that you can run your code inline. There are 4 default markup you can use.

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • Markdown
  • or TeX

Well, that is awesome. The ObservableHQ syntax uses javascript but has been customized to reactive like the above example. You can learn from their documentation or tutorials.


Let me know your thought or you find a mistake/outdated content for this post.

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