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So many libraries or plugins for social media share button reduces the pagespeed of the website. Even bad by the affect for the SEO and SERP listing.

Actually, every major social medias has their own share link that we can use. With this methods will not makes website slower. The only one downside for this method is we need create it almost from scratch.

Here are the list of the major social media share link you can use.





There are many of free generator to create share link. It easy, all you need to do is just put the link, text and image url. Click the button and copy it.

Here is the free updated generator that can generate all major social media.

Social Media Share Link Generator for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
Free Share Link Generator - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
Easily create share links for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, & Email. Just paste your URL into this free online tool and your links will be created for you.

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