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Traditionally, website creation has taken many steps and too much professional involvement. The process includes content creation, user interface design, conversion to HTML / CSS, and for more complicated coding there will be room to make the website more dynamic.

With CMS like Wordpress, building dynamic content like a blog post or custom post type can be handled very easily. But for developing the theme will takes time.

Now, we can cut out the theme development process by using page builders. This is a huge cut because from time to time page builders become rich in features and capabilities.

What if we can slice the process even more?

If you are a freelancer and decided to buy a theme. In some cases, you have to cut service costs for these expenses or impose theme purchasing on a client.

Look at this diagram:


The average price for the responsive themes is $59.

That means we have to spend around $59 for every project you created for a client. Although those numbers can be lower depending on the project requirement. But, there is a better strategy for this part.

You don't have to buy a theme for every single project; You can buy one theme for a limited number of projects and use it as a base for your future project, instead of creating a new theme for every time. That saves you money.

In this article, I am trying to show you a strategy that I have used.

The difference between Wordpress themes and Wordpress templates

First, we have to understand that there are 2 terms in Wordpress design: the Wordpress theme and the Wordpress template.

Wordpress template: is reusable layouts for certain pages. While, Wordpress theme: is a template collection design for the Wordpress site.

You see that when we install any page builder, we will find ready made templates provides by the page builder. As long as the theme has compatibility with its the page builder.

For some website project, using this ready made templates will make the job easier yet gives good end result.

Here is the good news.

Faster workflow using template kit

When you decide to use Wordpress theme in your project you must explore the themes marketplace to find the perfect fit theme for the project needs. And this will takes time to see deep down the overall feature of the live version of the theme.

To remove this flow we can use such a tool called Envato Template Kits combination with Elementor Page Builder . It is a plugin that can help explore the premium template without leaving the Wordpress.

There are more than 200 templates ready to import. You can check them all from the plugin, or check it from the Envato element webpage.

1. Install the template kit

Go to the dashboard of your Wordpress website. In the left sidebar menu hover on Plugin and click on add new. Type Envato Elements – Photos & Elementor Templates and select Install then Activate the plugin.

2. Using the template kits

Now it's using the best templates from the envato elements.

Before you can play with the template kits you will need to install additional requirement.

Envato elements is built compatible for Elementor page builder. So, you need to install Elementor plugin and also Hello Elementor theme to make the template perfectly works.

If you done with the requirement. Now Open the Envato elements kits page from the sidebar menu. And you will see the welcome page with buttons that offer you for Premium Template Kits, Free Template Kits, and Premium Photo.

Lets try for Premium Template Kits and start find the template.

After you Install the template then select View Kit, you will redirect to the list of template that you can choose for customizing.

3. Customize the envato template

See the installed template kit from Elements > Installed Kits, here is the list of your kits. Select one of them then Select Import Template.

Wait until the process complete then we can View Template that will open with the Elementor Editor.

You can now customize the template freely and import the template to create page.


Elementor with Envato template kits is a perfect combo for freelance website designers. With more than 200 premium templates, we can explore based on the category to match with the project.

By subscribing both Elementor or Envato Elements is good invest when you are doing freelance website design with tight project in within a year. Because, there is not only a Wordpress theme or template but also a lot of premium assets like, fonts, photo, icons, etc. that you can use.

Try this Elementor page builder alternative

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